And its tradeoffs explained.

It’s a good day for us as engineers to see how the technology flourish, new apps launched every day, new servers deployed every hour.

But also at some point, think about some of that servers that unknowingly exposing critical and confidential information open to the public. Let’s be honest, may have done that by accident. We might have designed a system poorly that expose those resources to threats.

Making sure only authorized services can access your critical/confidential resources

You have a cron, called PayrollCron, that calculates each employee salary once every month.
It needs list of employees (which is managed by employeeMicroservice). …

Word Cloud of Npm Packages Vulnerabilities Titles


Last week, I got to deliver a tech talk. One of the topic is node security issues. Me, however, with my skeptical mind about security in our current tech stack, decided to pick this topic.

I’ve been throwing myself into node security articles for past months. Some wise words from my mentor, “you should really know tech stacks you use”, and it also pinged my common sense: How about vulnerabilities of the npm packages we are using? Is it well-tracked? How do I prevent myself from getting a serious trouble?

So, I’m looking for similar articles about seeing npm package’s…

Orchestrate requests and test them with no hassle, with correct tools.


Debugging sequential APIs is painful if we do it manually. We need tools to make them run faster, but beforehand we need to know what to look for in API Testing tool as engineers.


  1. Problem Description
  2. Problem Statement
  3. Katalon
  4. Postman
  5. Considerations
  6. Verdict

Problem Description

We, software engineers, must have been facing several complicated APIs and most of them has prerequisite requests run before run another. Sometimes, one flow in app is buggy, and that flow hits several endpoints in our backend.

We need to debug which endpoint faulty, with no hassle…

”It might not sound like a lot… But it is, it’s tremendous.” — Gale Boetticher

We want to be faster. Better. Competitive at its finest. Best of all. Being the champion. Most excellent. Anything superlative here. We want to be as close as the champions. El campeón.

We do everything. Monitoring. Analysis. What’s wrong? What’s good? What did the champion do and we didn’t? Anything we can improve, we improve.

A lot of efforts, time, resources, commitment and consistency are put into this.

And then there are champions. Real champions. The one who did it excellently, who sits on the podium. People we admire the most.

Again, what did they do and we didn’t? What…

It was a busy evening. After a long day, people are packing their bag, ready to go home. And so was I. But before stopping home, I stopped by an interesting place.

For last couple months, I’m into something. A fast, complex and energetic sport. It’s been all of my Instagram feeds, Youtube binge-watching. The art of moving the bar overhead for only couple of seconds, excites me.

I really like it that I decided trained for it for the last three months by myself. Unlike compounds (squat, deadlift and bench), I see that without a coach or someone to…

There will come a time when all you do at work is reviewing code, and it may be a painful read.

Image result for code review

This list is important for whom reviewing PRs/MRs taking most of their time. Actually, this list is inspired by my colleague who carelessly merge MRs/PRs with missing review points and leaving other developers suffer to see the merged code.

Works & Testcases Passed

This is a no brainer. No pass through this point.
If there is some unfinished business about the testcase, just skip respective testcase and notify your reviewer.

Add Testcases for Changed Process Flow

The changes should be doing something. Add testcase to make sure that if somebody changes that, it will break the test and by that, we know what does that line do.

Follows the Project Convention

It is easier…

Apparently, you tend to type faster when you type words of your language.

My score on Indonesian Universe Typeracer

“It’s my job to make great students greater, not making mediocre students less mediocre” -Dean Hardscrabble, Monsters Inc.

This quote hit me every time. Am I moving forward and become greater? Or just become less mediocre?

Hello, first of all, apologize for not updating this regularly. Actually, I’ve finished the topic, materials and sources are good to go. However, after a crash course session with guru Hifnie Bilfash, apparently this topic covers some big chunks, like:

  • Project structuring and setup
  • Testing preparation and setup in Go, including ways to mock and stub
  • Interface in Go
  • Designing a testable solution (compared to non-testable ones, the difference is quite contrast)

These topics, could eat up to 15 minutes-reading each, so I decide to separate these into several posts. Please stay tuned!

PS: If you are located around Jakarta, there is GoJakarta meetup group. They host meetup annually with cool topics and cool presenters, too.

Have you experienced the same thing like this meme? It happened to me in college year. There was this one teacher, passionately teach what he love, and love to teach. I ended up picking all his classes for the rest of my college year — after I knew how he teach.

I also had friends who love to code. Needless to say, these people, influence me so much that now I really enjoy programming. Positive vibes around discovering something new, optimizing anything, those good feelings never let out of memory.

Hey, I’m not gonna talk about coding. I’m talking about…

Ronauli Silva

Living to the fullest, one step at a time

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